Tromsø Safari is the leading activity company in Tromsø and provides a wide range of fun and scenic day and evening activities throughout the year, embracing the natural beauty and culture of Tromsø and Northern Norway. We pride ourselves on offering our guests an easy way to explore our exciting part of the world, but at the same time maintaining and strengthening local pride and involvement.


Spring (April and May): Long, bright days, often plenty of snow, a bit of warmth from the sun, temperatures above freezing during the day; The Tromsø spring is white and bright and a great time to be outdoors. Come along and take part in fun activities such as skiing, snowshoeing and nature safaris as the north springs back to life after a long winter.


Spitsbergen /Svalbard: North of the mainland Norway into the Barents sea towards the Arctic Ocean almost half the way to the North Pole lies the archipelago Svalbard. Tromsø Safari, in cooperation with Arcticc Explorer, offers boat trips on the catamaran Aurora Explorer in the Isfjorden area on Spitsbergen/Svalbard connecting Longyeaberbyen with the two Russian settlements Barentsburg and the ghost town Pyramiden.


Summer (June – August): North of the Arctic Circle the sun never sets during the summer and make a summer day lasts for weeks. This gives us plenty of time for adventures to explore Tromsø – day and night. Come along and take part in exciting activities such as Midnight Sun tours, RIB excursions and mountain hikes as the day never ends.


Northern Lights (September – early April): Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, is one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon. When the northern lights dance in green on a dark autumn sky, it’s like a universe itself speaks to us. Tromsø is one of the best places on earth to take part in this nature`s own light show. Come along and take part in comfortable, flexible and fun Northern Lights activities to increase your chances of seeing the Aurora herself. Whales (late October – February): Herring is the reason large numbers of humpbacked whales gather into the fjords around Tromsø, and in big groups performing feeding frenzies. Killer whales who always been around in this part of northern Norway but not in the numbers like now days, is also joining the herring frenzies.  Come along and see for yourself some of the world`s biggest mammals on educational, safe and exciting whale safaris.