Tromsø Safari


Tromsø Safari and the Northern Lights.

We are a locally owned and operated company with 17 years of experience and knowledge. Our philosophy is based on maintaining our strong local connection by tight cooperation and involvement with local land owners, activity operators, guides, and other suppliers. We strongly believe in contributing to a better tourism destination for our guests and locals, not only for today but even more importantly, for the future.

Tromsø Safari is the leading activity company in Tromsø and provides a wide range of fun and scenic day and evening activities throughout the year, embracing the natural beauty and culture of Tromsø and Northern Norway. We pride ourselves on offering our partners and guests an easy way to explore our exciting part of the world, but at the same time maintaining and strengthening local pride and involvement.

Tromsø Safari has a comprehensive range of evening and Northern Lights products on land and at sea. In the period from 5 September to 5 April, we offer seven different products for your guests. Our products will give your guests a variety of opportunities to experience the unique nature and culture in Northern Norway.