Tromsø Safari

Aurora Safari Base Stations

Aurora Safari Base Station is our well-established comfortable and social northern lights tour to our perfectly located private base stations with local hospitality and high chances of seeing the aurora. We have five private and safe Base Stations located in different areas to cover different weather regimes. We have a local host, warm shelters (lavvu or other building), toilet facilities, thermal winter suits, tripods, outside benches and campfire (weather permitting).

 The system involving Base Stations is unique to Tromsø Safari. Based on our experience of more than 14 years, around 3,500 Northern Lights tours, the latest weather forecast, wind direction and the hosts at the Base Stations, we choose the Base Station or stations with the best chances of clear sky and, therefore, of experiencing the northern lights.

If the weather changes and clouds move in, we check with our network if it would be better to move to another location. If so, we finish our meal, hot drinks and “lefse” before leaving to look for clear skies somewhere else. In these circumstances, we will stay along the roads searching for a clear sky.

Our focus on this trip is always to show you the Northern Lights!