Tromsø Safari

Best Kept Secret: Aurora & Activites

Not far away from Tromsø in a hidden fjord, you will find an Arctic paradise that remains largely untouched. This is where we offer you Tromsø’s best kept secret, consisting of the best North Norwegian hospitality and warmth at the end of the road, where the scenery is at its wildest and best and the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are always high.

Why follow the others, when the best place is to be found where few have been before? We invite you on a journey through some of the best scenery in Northern Norway consisting of valleys, mountains and fjords to a special place where you will be welcomed by the best views of the Lyngen Alps. This is where Tromsø’s best host waits to give you a memorable evening full of stories about the Sami culture and Northern Norway, local food, cosiness and an evening snowshoeing walk.

With very little light pollution (since few people live here), a wide sky view where the Lyngen Alps act as a backdrop, a warm shelter and the whole evening at your disposal, we could claim to have the best place for viewing the Northern Lights. Welcome to our best kept secret.