Tromsø Safari

Northern Lights & Reindeer Sledding

Crackling snow and clear night-time sky illuminated by the green waves from the Northern Lights enjoyed from a sled being gently pulled by a reindeer is a genuine winter adventure, which we will do our best to give you on this tour.

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to become better acquainted with the Sami culture and join a pleasant and fun Reindeer Sledding adventure in the beautiful North Norwegian nature.

The Sami are the indigenous people of the north. Our Sami guide wants you to get to know his culture better – the past, present and future – through tasting some typical Sami food, seeing and learning about Sami artefacts and hearing storytelling and joik (traditional Sami song).

As the oldest known form of transport in the north and central part of the Sami culture, the Reindeer Sledding forms an important part of the experience. The sledding takes place as a “raid”, with the reindeer and sleds bound together in a long row, headed by the lead reindeer.

By taking part in this evening excursion, we hope you will be charmed by the fascinating reindeer and love our gentle but curious and furry animals as much as we do. The reindeer is our true hero in the Arctic.

* If conditions change, we reserve the right to amend the duration of the reindeer sledding.