Tromsø Safari

Sea Fishing

Go on a fishing adventure with a professional (sea) fisherman! This area has been known for good fishing for several hundred years. Our location in the Kattfjord gives us the possibility to go fishing in all wind directions. If the sea is rough, we go fishing in the fjords, but the distance to the open sea is never long. The area is well-known for halibut fishing. Another big attraction is when the skrei (big spawning cod from the Barents Sea) reach our area in mid-March. During this period, you have the chance to catch cod of 30kg+. The coastal cod offers good fishing year-round. The big coalfish (saithe) are great fighters and arrive during the summer. This area also offers good fishing for wolffish, haddock, ling, redfish, plaice, mackerel and whiting. If we are lucky, we will also see whales, seals, puffins and sea eagles. During the trip, you will learn about the area, its history and wildlife. We run the trips on our modern charter boats based at Lauklines.