Tromsø Safari

Isfjord Adventure (Svalbard)

North of the mainland Norway into the Barents sea towards the Arctic Ocean almost half the way to the North Pole lies the archipelago Svalbard also refered to as Spitsbergen.

On these windsweept islands there are 2 Norwegian and 2 Russian settelments and three of them situated in the wide, spectacular Isfjorden.

Tromsø Safari is together with Arctic Explorer strengthen their relationship and now also offering daily trips in the high Arctic archepelago Svalbard/Spitsbergen.

With the fast going catamaran M/S Aurora Explorer we have daily departures to Barentsburg and Pyramiden.  The tour to Barentsburg including guided visit takes 4 hours returning back to Longyearbyen, to Pyramiden 6 hours including guide visit and returning to Longyearbyen.

Sow if you are planning an Arctic Adventure book already now and here, your space onboard.

PS; you may combine both settlements in one day buying an roundtrip!

1. Roundtrip visiting both Barentsburg and Pyramiden.

Discover Isfjorden doing a round trip visiting both Barentsburg and Pyramiden in the same day: read more

2. Fjordcruise to Barentsburg

Sightseeing tour with Catamaran Aurora Explorer; Longyearbyen – Barentsburg – Longyearbyen, for travelers who enjoy comfort, effectiveness and experience: read more

3. Fjordcruise to Pyramiden

Sightseeing tour with Catamaran Aurora Explorer; Longyearbyen – Pyramiden – Longyearbyen.
Join us for a memorable and adventures tour to the inner part of Isfjorden.
This is the place where the great Nordenskiøld glacier is calving into the
fjord, and the chance to see the Arctic wildlife like seal, reindeers and
Arctic fox and sometimes Polar bears. read more

This is a continuing cooperation between the two companies Tromsø Safari and Arctic Explorer. For a second year in a row the Catamaran Aurora Explorer will operate in the Isfjorden area on Spitsbergen/Svalbard connecting Longyeaberbyen with the two Russian settlements Barentsburg and the ghost town Pyramiden.