Tromsø Safari

Tromsø Whale Safari by RIB

Exciting, fast and enjoyable Whale Safari by RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) to feel the elements and see and learn more about some of the world’s biggest mammals in a stunning Arctic landscape.

From October to February, whale species such as the Humpback whale, Killer whale (Orca), Harbour porpoise and sometimes even the Fin whale visit the coast outside Tromsø to feed on herring. You are invited to experience this wonderful adventure with us in our RIB. This type of boat enables you to get very close to the whales. The odour and visual impressions are spectacular.

Sea eagles, fishing/aquaculture and beautiful fjords are added bonuses as we travel out to the whales.

You meet at the Radisson Blu Hotel, where we dress warmly and provide information about safety, the tour and the whales. Depending on weather conditions and the skipper’s assessment, this tour can be split in two with part by RIB and part by catamaran, with the exchange taking place at sea.

The main whale watching area is west of the island Kvaløya also west of the town Tromsø. It’s usually very easy to scout the area and find the whales.

You are invited to come on board our RiB boats, to take a close-up look at the spectacular whale adventure. Dress warmly, bring your camera and enjoy.