Whale Safari

Whale Safari Facts – Northern Norway

After intense hunting, almost to extinction the humpbacked whales are now back in the waters here in northern Norway and over the past few years substantial amounts have been feeding during the winter time, nearby the fjord-areas close to Tromsø town.

This phenomenon started for many years ago after the herring disappeared from the more southerly fjord around Lofoten. The herring was overfished inside the fjords south of Lofoten and for many years became more pelagic. After strong regulation on the fishing fleets catches the population on herring have now increased and entering fjords but further north.

Herring is the reason large numbers of humpbacked whales gather into the fjords in northern Norway, and in big groups performing feeding frenzies. Killer whales who always been around in this part of northern Norway but not in the numbers like now days, is also joining the feeding frenzies. This two whale spices are the main once observed from middle of October to the end of February.

Tromsø Safari have for the last couple of years built up a safe and professional whale watching program with 2 different options:

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2. Whale watching by RiB (rigid-inflatable boat): READ MORE


Map over the main whale safari area