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Whale Safari Facts – Northern Norway

During the winter season, large whales like humpbacks and orcas come in to the coast of northern Norway to feed. We sail out to meet them just outside of Tromsø. They often come close to the boat as they are very curious. The experience here in the north Norwegian waters is completely different from the rest of the world because the whales are here to feed and hunt, and therefore are very active. The combination of the northern winter and the fjords teeming with whales and orcas is a truly spectacular experience. Remember to bring your camera, you could take the shot of your life, not just of the whales, but also other wildlife like seals and sea eagles.

Herring is the reason large numbers of humpbacked whales gather into the fjords in northern Norway, and in big groups performing feeding frenzies. Killer whales have always been around in this part of northern Norway but not in the great numbers we see now.
Tromsø Safari have for the last couple of years built up a safe and professional whale watching program with two different options:

  1. Whale Safari adventure onboard a bigger Catamaran: READ MORE

2. Whale watching by RiB (rigid-inflatable boat): READ MORE


Map over the main whale safari area

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