Tromsø Safari

Coastal Wildlife Safari by RIB

We offer this fun and exciting experience at sea for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Seeing the city, mountains, fjords and the picturesque Arctic landscape by boat is a wonderful way to explore, while the fun and excitement of travelling by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) adds an extra dimension. Get close-up with the local wildlife, which can include harbour porpoises, sea eagles, seals, birds and more. Towards the beginning and the end of the whale season, we might also meet humpback whales or orcas. This is a fantastic experience for photography enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys a little speed, as we get extremely close to the elements. We explore the surroundings of the Tromsø fjords, depending on weather conditions. We meet at the Radisson Blu Hotel where the captain will inform you about the trip, provide a safety briefing and ensure you dress properly for the conditions with suitable thermal suits, boots, balaclava and goggles. We will do our utmost to give you an exciting and different experience at sea.

*This product replaces Whale Safari by RIB from the 23.january.