Tromsø Safari

Fjord Cruise to Pyramid (Svalbard)

From Longyearbyen, the voyage takes you through the majestic Billefjord to the Soviet era ghost town of Pyramiden. A local guide will take you on a guided walk of Pyramiden lasting approx. 1h r 45 min. To explore Pyramiden , you must follow the local guide and be able to walk at least 2km.

N.B: If you wish to buy something at Pyramiden’s bar , please bring cash (NOK or Russian Rouble) . We pass the impressive Nordenskiöld Glacier on the way to and from Pyramiden , but how close we can get will depend on the prevailing conditions .

You can enjoy this voyage on the outer deck or in the warm and cosy saloon, surrounded with panoramic windows. If you are interested in wildlife, we recommend bringing your own binoculars.We strongly advise you to wear warm and windproof clothing. The w ind can be stinging cold even in summer. If you experience problems with motion sickness, we recommend taking medication to prevent this at least one hour before departure.

There is a kiosk on board where you can buy something to quench your thirst, or subdue your hunger with a “Real Turmat” expedition meal .



13:30 Depart Longyearbyen

15:15 Arrive Pyramiden

17:00 Depart Pyramiden 17:15

Arrive Nordenskiold Glacier

17:35 Depart Nordenskiold Glacier

19:30 Arrive Longyearbyen