Tromsø Safari

Sami Reindeer Camp Dinner

This is an evening experience to feed the reindeer and have a traditional Sami dinner with the Sami reindeer herders while they tell you about their culture and beliefs.

The reindeer and the Sami have been living and working on this land for centuries, and they have only recently invited guests to be part of their daily life.

After a 30-minute scenic drive from the city centre, you arrive at the camp. You will have the opportunity to feed the herd of around 200 reindeer, which will swarm all around and even eat from your hand. You are then invited for hot drinks around the fire inside a warm candlelit gamme (traditional Sami hut) where you will be served a traditional Sami three-course meal. The meal includes bidos (a traditional Sami reindeer stew that is often served at Sami weddings), which is cooked over the open fire.

After dinner, you will be invited into a lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture and what it’s like to be a reindeer herder. The Sami guide will also perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests.

If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you might also see the Northern Lights.