Tromsø Safari

Introduction to Ski Touring-Guided Trip for Alpine Skiers

Great fun for those seeking challenges, an adrenaline rush and brave to try new things.

Have you ever tried to make your way up the mountain to ski down? If you can already ski well on prepared slopes and would like to try Randonee skiing, we will show you how to make the way up.

On this trip, you can try using touring (Randonee) skis and challenge yourself with a small ascent and easy descent. Your guide/ski instructor will explain you how to use the skis, Randonee bindings and skins, show you the way up the hill and basics about the avalanche equipment.

Be ready for the challenge, a lot of fun and a change in your life: once you try off-piste skiing, you will crave for more of it…


* N.B: To join this trip, you need to have good alpine skiing skills to be able to ski down off-piste. If you do not, we recommend the Guided Cross-Country Ski Trip in Tromsø