Tromsø Safari

Frequently Asked Questions – Summer

  • What is the average temperature in Tromsø during the summer?

    The average temperature in June, July and August is around 12 degrees Celsius. We may get temperatures of over 20 degrees Celcius, but then the next day it may be 8 degrees Celsius. The weather changes very rapidly.

  • What kind of clothes do you need in summer/autumn in Tromsø?

    We recommend good outdoor shoes and clothes for outdoor activities. Always bring extra (rain) clothes if you go up into the mountains or out to sea. Remember that the weather can change from good to bad within the hour. Check the weather forecast ( before you go out, but still always be prepared for bad weather.

  • What does: ‘midnight sun period’ mean?

    During the period from 18th of May until 25th of July the upper edge of the sun stays above the horizon at sea level at midnight. This is known as the midnight sun. In some places with mountains close by to the north, the sun may set behind these, so in order to see the midnight sun you should make sure you have a relatively free line of sight towards the west and north.